Email Writing Seminar

Xperience Leadership provides a two-day on-site training for professional, organizational email writing. This course provides knowledge in building all aspects of email writing and delivery. Participants end the course with the knowledge to send polished and on-target emails representing themselves and the organization in a highly professional manner. The course will be customized so that participants get a personalized breakdown of their individual needs. After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of professional and organizational communication/writing
  • Determine when to send an email.
  • Establish proper tone and etiquette.
  • Write well-organized and professional emails.
  • Get messages across to the reader.
  • Sharpen editing skills.

The curriculum includes individual self-assessments (to address and focus on areas of improvement), individual and group mastery exercises, interactive questions, presentation, one-on-one instructor coaching and feedback of comparative participant writing, and discussion on key topics. The curriculum also includes a workbook for each participant with covered materials and resource materials for future reference.


  • Employees who engage regularly with business partners, customers, or clients by email.
  • Employees who need to improve the effectiveness of their professional email and writing skills.
  • Employees who are new to email writing.

Technology in the 21st Century Workplace©

Virtual teams, technology-based hiring, web-based training and performance reviews have become the norm, yet they lessen the human interaction. While there are many advantages of technology in the workplace, such as efficiency, rapid access and having a competitive edge, these benefits can either enable or oppress the employer or employee. Worse, job elimination, lack of autonomy and work-life balance concerns can impact employee motivation and affect operational success. This webinar, led by Dr. Carole Isom-Barnes, addresses these topics and the impact of technology on today's workforce.


Organizational leaders/HR managers/supervisors/team leads planning or in the midst of operational change

Personal Transformation:
Stepping up to a Leadership Role©

Career change can make us all uncomfortable. Having a clear sense of expectations can aid in a smooth transition, especially when transitioning from the role of an individual contributor to one of leadership. The priorities and expectations of an individual contributor shift when assuming a leadership role, requiring personal change and growth, beginning with self-awareness. The ability to influence and accomplish success through others, as a new or transitioning leader, is most critical to success. In this webinar the new leader or those considering transitioning to leadership roles, will understand how to make a strong, successful impact, during the transition and ongoing.

  • Discover your employees' leadership potential!
  • Drive success and performance via emotional intelligence and relationship management.
  • Help your employees understand the differences and expectations between individual contributor and leadership roles.


Leaders/managers/supervisors/team leads, corporate/health/human service professionals, anyone aspiring to develop critical leadership skills needed at every level.


  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Creating a Culture of Customer Service.
  • The Art of Public Speaking.
  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • Inspiring Employees for Team Success.