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The problem, as seen by Xperience Leadership, LLC, is one of focus. Many organizations are operating on auto-pilot with little opportunity or time to stop and analyze or reflect on which aspects of their organization are successful and which are derailers. Or they know the problem, but not the solution. Failure to focus impedes growth or subjects the organization to dangerous liabilities. Understanding your business first, requires active listening and perceptive questions to identify what is important to you as our client. Our experience with Fortune 100 companies enables us to walk in your shoes, as a large or small organization, feel your pain, but without making general assumptions about your business. We seek to add business value in the short, medium and long term by assisting you with identifying problems and implementing solutions.

Xperience Leadership, LLC with over 30 years of business leadership experience, supports organizations in the midst of systemic change. As business management subject matter experts, we enhance the capacity of employees, teams and organizations to produce higher quality customer-focused results. We help people become better at what they have been trained to do by helping them develop to their fullest potential, so the organization can accomplish its goals and vision.

We balance the application of skill and knowledge with supporting core competencies to yield sustainable change. This is accomplished via organizational consultation, coaching, research, strategic planning, training and workshops.

Executive coaching is supported with Everything DiSC and Actualized Leadership Individual and Group Culture Profiles.