Xperience Leadership, LLC supports businesses in the midst of systemic change, such as restructuring, operational or merger-related change, to create a sustainable operation. We focus on people and process improvements, and help to mitigate risk, eliminate duplication of services, improve efficiency, consolidate technology and transition leader behaviors to create a shared culture:

  • Process Improvement
  • Business Management
  • Analysis Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management

We balance the application of skill and knowledge with supporting core competencies to yield sustainable change. This is accomplished via organizational consultation, training and workshops:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Competency and Skills Development
  • Executive Coaching

Dr. Carole Isom-Barnes is a rich and engaging speaker of small and large groups. She is also a sought-after business school lecturer and frequent speaker and panelist at academic and professional events. She understands organizational change and customizes delivery to your specific needs. Using experience and insight, Dr. Carole Isom-Barnes can lead your group in:

  • Embracing Change
  • Understanding and Changing Organizational Cultures

As certified diversity, equity and inclusion trainers, we recognize the need to develop all leaders in all areas within an organization for personal and organizational growth. We provide consultation, tools, and training to assist your teams and leaders in fostering an inclusive climate, improving engagement, understanding unconscious bias, and creating a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Xperience Leadership, LLC offers an enhanced writing program for students in grades 10-12 who need support with writing basics, accelerated growth, or college preparation. Three levels of structural writing skills are developed and/or improved, including the writing process, techniques, research, grammar, spelling, punctuation, editing, and revising. Each individual or small group session is taught virtually by a university professor skilled in writing proficiency at the high school and college level.
All professors are credentialed with PhDs.

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Conscious Cultural Competency (workshop and series)

Description: A key aspect of successful leadership is cultural awareness. Conscious Cultural Competency - session 1 introduces the concept of cultural competency to leaders, with emphasis on the employees we lead and the communities we serve. Participants will discover more about themselves, recognize biases, and address multi-cultural leadership issues in this interactive workshop.

Conscious Cultural Competency feedback when asked of the changes they plan to make after workshop:

“While I've always been sensitive to the needs of my team, I plan to place more emphasis on ensuring my team understands more fully why certain decisions are made and it's not personal.”

“…consider the multiple cultural groups that my teammates and our patients may feel affiliated with, rather than just single groups based on age or race.”

"…using more open dialog with staff to help aid cultural or communication issues that may cause anxiety.”

Description Part 1: Career change can make us all uncomfortable. Having a clear sense of expectations can aid in a smooth transition, especially when transitioning from the role of an individual contributor to one of leadership.  The priorities and expectations of an individual contributor shift when assuming a leadership role, requiring personal change and growth. This course begins with self-awareness and focuses on networking, conflict management, mentoring, self-assessment, and emotional intelligence.  The ability to influence and accomplish success through others, as a new or transitioning leader, is most critical to success. In this interactive workshop the new leader or those considering transitioning to leadership roles, will understand how to make a strong, successful impact, during the transition and ongoing.

Description Part 2: Participants of Personal Transformation: Stepping Up to a Leadership Role Part 1 can continue their leadership journey with Personal Transformation: Stepping Up to a Leadership Role Part 2.  This workshop supports new leaders who have assumed a new role or those targeting a new leadership role and want to make the transition successful. This interactive workshop will help the new leader assess and develop the team, share and carry out their vision and create a team mission statement. 

Description: Participants of this workshop will learn how to build a culture of customer service by thinking (and behaving) proactively and responsively. This interactive session teaches leaders and employees of all levels how to act in an empowered manner and win for the customer and the organization. Employees will learn principles of service and how to apply them; employees will learn how to make a connection with customers while carrying out the customer service vision of the organization. (A copy of the organization’s goals is requested, if available, for this session to support the current organizational vision and provide a customized presentation.)

Description: This course, designed for a full day, focuses on the personal responsibility of “owning” one’s career. The course is broken out into four segments:

  • Preparation (identifying personal strengths and skills, applying for jobs, writing resumes and searching for job opportunities/strategies). A template is provided for aligning strengths.
  • First Impressions (standing out from the crowd, presenting self with confidence). This segment includes role-play.
  • On the Job: Staying Employed (job and work ethics, networking and building relationships for success, conflict resolution, office politics, and improving skills)
  • Work-life Balance (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal)

Participants of this course will leave with the tools and understanding of the importance of managing one’s career.

For a complete listing of our workshops, please contact us for our course offering catalog. Workshops can be created or customized to your specific needs.